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Ear Care and Ear Protection Products

Designed to help protect the user's ears against damaging noise levels, prevent or eliminate water retention in the ear canal, and remove excess ear-wax buildup and generally keep ear healthy. We provide products in large quantities for healthcare providers and also have a full line of over-the-counter products for patients.

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Ear Care and Protection

Physicians' Choice®
Silicone Ear Putty® Ear Plugs

Comfortably seal the ear canal opening to block out water and noise.

  • Pliable and moldable
  • Silicone, a polymer that is hypoallergenic and water repellent
  • Easily inserted and removed with no residue or "clean-up"
  • Packed and stored in plastic storage containers for reuse
  • Two plugs per plastic container
Ear Putty Description Units / Box
30002 Silicone Ear Putty Ear Plugs Bag of 50 pair

Ear Care and Protection

Physicians' Choice®
Neoprene Headbands

Keep earplugs and protectors in while keeping water out, helping to prevent ear infections
and other related ear problems such as swimmers' ear.

  • Velcro-like closure allows easy adjustments for a comfortable fit
  • Neoprene "wet suit" material
  • More durable than conventional swim cap
  • Stays positioned over ears
  • Available colors : Blue or Red
Headbands Description Units / Box
41206 Small : 1-4 years Bag of 6
41207 Medium : 5-10 years Bag of 6
41208 Large : 11 years - adult Bag of 6
41209 X-Large : head size 7.25 + Bag of 6

Ear Care and Protection

Physicians' Choice®
Eavey Ear Wrap

Developed in conjunction with Dr. Roland Eavey of the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary, the Eavey Ear Wrap was designed as a simple external dressing for O.R. use.

  • Breathable material
  • Adjustable - one size fits all
  • Easy to reposition or replace
  • Comfortable to wear and sleep in
  • For use with familiar cotton and/or gauze absorbent (not included)
  • Available colors : Blue or Red
Ear Wrap Description Units / Box
41400 Unilateral Bag of 6

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Physicians' Choice®
EAR-VITE PLUS® dietary supplement

Since 1998, EAR-VITE PLUS has been recommended to help relieve distressing ear-related symptoms, such as noises and/or ringing in the ears (Tinnitus), and as a nutritional supplement for possible vitamin and mineral deficiencies related to noise-induced hearing loss, advanced age, or stress.*

Our third-generation formula includes 12 active ingredients. Separate clinical studies show that several of the ingredients have been found to provide dietary support for ear and hearing health.* Suggested use : 1-2 tablets, two to three times daily - or as directed

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Ear-Vite Plus Description Units / Bottle
80202 Dietary Supplement 120 tablets

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Physicians' Choice, Ear Putty and EAR-VITE PLUS are registered trademarks of Santa Barbara Medco, Inc.
Santa Barbara Medco is a wholly owned subsidiary of Summit Medical, Inc.